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I have a degree in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Vigo, specializing in English and Portuguese. I help business clients, agencies and publishers as a translator, interpreter and reviewer from English and Portuguese to Spanish and Galician.

Featured Services

Imaxe PC transparente


I translate from English and Portuguese to Spanish and Galician (and between these two languages).

Imaxe Altofalantes transparentes


Consecutive interpretation in meetings, visits and training events.

Imaxe Tablet transparente


Revision of translated texts and of texts in Galician and Spanish.

Imaxe Conversa Transparente

Language training

Training in Galician, English and Portuguese, especially in business or specialist settings.

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Imaxe Primeiro Plano Iria Taibo

About me

The person behind the web

I studied Translation and Interpretation in the Philology and Translation faculty of Vigo University and specialised in the language combinations of Galician / English / Portuguese. I spent a year studying at the Social and Human Sciences faculty of the New University of Lisbon, thanks to a Socrates-Erasmus grant.

I have worked full time as a self-employed freelance translator since October, 2013 and during this time I have had the chance to work for various translation agencies, publishers and direct corporate clients on a range of interesting projects..

Mainly, I work as a translator but also in business documentation, interpretation and revision projects.